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  •  I agree, tommyfocus. I, too am concerned. (2+ / 0-)
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    Gorette, tommyfocus2003

    As a senior, I am concerned not just for my grandchildren, but also for my friends who are my age and even for myself. The trend toward the soul-less, ruthless, self-centered preoccupation with "getting my share" is scary, indeed. It is fostered by the Republican emphasis on being a "Maker, not a Taker' that Romney and his ilk talked endlessly about during the last campaign. It is demonstrated by Paul Ryan's budget, with it's cuts to programs for the poor,and the latest cuts to food stamps endorsed by Republicans and the wealthy farmers and landowners, many of whom are in Congress.  It is supported by the Koch brothers, and is demonstrated by the tea party faithful who cheer when a poor person is denied healthcare. It sickens and saddens me.

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