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  •  ♥Rec'd And Tipped Little One♥ (27+ / 0-)

    Although I have already signed about 25 or more of the petitions, included messages etc to the various organizations opposing this pipeline as well as short messages to President Obama.

    Your diary inspired me to send another message to President Obama.

    I sent it on as well as to the Contact The White House website.

    I also posted it on his facebook page.

    You are so smart Little One Keep writing diaries for us all. We want to hear more from you.

    I have a lot of good links here I know you will like. Anna And The Animals ★Links For School Age Children And Educators

    This is the message I just sent Pres Obama. I'm also thinking of turning it into a diary.

    ★♥Thanks Little One★♥

    Dear President Obama,

    Please say no to the keystone xl pipeline. It is an absolute horror!

    Also, we have to convince Canada to stop the Alberta tar sands operation.

    What is going on when some people think that destroying the land like that is ok?  

    Is Canada so poor that they have to turn into; worse than China, (ecologically speaking)?

    Cannot the Canadian Politicians see that Canada's land is pretty much all they have as assets and there isn't enough money in this tar sands; to irreversibly, irreparably, destroy all of their, Pristine Boreal Forest?

    Cannot these politicians see; the amount of toxic pollution, that is already, spreading in the rest of Canada?

    Tar sands is a finite resource. It will run out and all Canada will have; is, a gigantic hell-scape!

    Don't let America be covered in Canada's pipelines that will only age and add more problems to our US infrastructure.

    As things are, we have to stop what's going on right here in America and put an end to ecological monstrosities like natural gas fracking, (and covering the entire United States, in high pressure gas transportation pipelines to transport this fracked gas), strip mining coal, etc and get tougher regulations on big energy companies and "their industrial accidents", plus, so much more.

    America needs to be busy cleaning up the industrial pollution we already have, from the past 100 years, we don't need to import more.

    It's bad out there! Fukshima, radiation wafting towards our Pacific Coast.

    We have one mountain left in Appalachia that hasn't been reduced to rubble.

    Big energy plans to frack Pennsylvania's pristine farmland for the next 30 years and other states too. They are disposing of this toxic waste in any State they can get to take it, all over the US.

    Big energy; will destroy the United States piece by piece, inch by inch, if we don't stop them now!  

    No keystone xl pipeline, No tar sands either And Say No, to spectra gas pipeline in NJ/NYC!

    You're a great President, I know you will say no to the tar sands pipeline. You have a lot of common sense President Obama. I'm very glad I voted for you.

    Georgia Atkins
    BA Sociology Minors; Philosophy, Media, History, Health Sciences
    18 Grad Credits ESL (English As A Second Language)

    From: Bayonne NJ

    Brought To You By That Crazed Sociologist/Media Fanatic rebel ga Be The Change You Want To See In The World! Gandhi

    by rebel ga on Wed Mar 05, 2014 at 07:20:01 PM PST

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