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View Diary: Paul Ryan generates report to disprove effectiveness of Progressive Poverty Programs and - FAILS! (62 comments)

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  •  My daughter-in-law is a hard working mom raising (1+ / 0-)
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    3 kids of her own, a cousins child who had the child removed from her because of drugs, and her two young brothers who she got custody of after her mom died of cancer.  She gets earned income credit and it has helped her provide decent housing for her brood.  It has kept her out of poverty.  She is an excellent example of how well that program has worked.  She works as a medical assistant, even works overtime to make it and all the kids are good students who will be going on to higher education.  Her brothers are now in college, though still living at home, her oldest is going to college next June with a full scholarship and college credits already, and the others are coming up behind with good grades.  The cousin's child has Asbergers Syndrome, he is 4, and she has him going to a program to get him early help.

    Lots of my former co-workers used funds from Worksource programs to help with their childcare so they could work.  Some used Headstart. It allowed them to work, to improve their lives.  These programs are proven beyond a doubt to help keep people out of poverty.  The help my daughter-in-law got from grants to go to school, from the earned income tax credits and she now gets to help her foster child with his autism, have kept her and those kids from poverty.  They will go on to be educated productive people.  That is a success if I ever saw one.

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