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View Diary: Wimpy Darrell Issa can't stand the heat, so he gets out of the kitchen (298 comments)

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    Having read nearly all the earlier comments, I am struck by the lack of an important fact that I observed in the replays of the "Issa Incident":
    When Elijah Cummings attempted to speak --
    after Issa adjourned the hearing he was trying to present something that would have directly addressed Issa's claim that he was "just trying to find the truth"(!) - ha! Rep Cummings wanted to proffer a way of getting Lois Lerner's testimony without her having to speak: Cummings had spoken to Lerner's attorney and he was willing to tell the committee everything Lerner knew!! But, I suspect Issa
    (who's really a "bottom feeder" and known car thief!) already knew that Cummings was about to present information that Issa absolutely didn't want to hear! Issa also refused to let any other Democrat speak -- This is by no means that Issa has behaved in this egregious manner -- he's been doing this for as long as he's been Chairman of the Oversight Committee! He deserves to be immediately removed from his position and sanctioned!

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