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View Diary: Wimpy Darrell Issa can't stand the heat, so he gets out of the kitchen (298 comments)

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  •  Mister T (0+ / 0-)

    No, there is no scandal.  Fox is entirely wrong (and so is Limbaugh), and further, both those entities KNOW they're wrong and they are keeping up with the lies deliberately.

    Furthermore, Issa has all the woman's emails (which have not helped him at all with his attempt to make a scandal out of this).  That's because there is no scandal.

    •  I beg to differ (0+ / 0-)

      If there is no scandal then explain the links I provided? You may think there is nothing to this, but the facts (which I deal with) say otherwise.

      BTW what does fox and limbaugh have to do with this?  

      As long as serious questions remain there is a scandal- one that Lerner and company could end anytime.  

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