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View Diary: Arizona State Sen. Steve Gallardo comes out: calls SB 1062 a 'game changer' (83 comments)

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  •  IT'S EASIER THAN ... (0+ / 0-)

    Telling your dad Dick Cheney you're gay?

    Telling your mom Anita Bryant you're gay?

    Explaining to your mom and dad in the 1980s that you have AIDS because you're secretly Haitian?

    Worse yet: try explaining to your military parents that you're a Republican Tea Party activist and we're going to take away your hard-won benefits as a defender of the United States because ...

    ...well, because, you're used up and we don't need you any more, so we're going to invest in NEW disabled American vets rather than take care of the ones we have now. WAR IN IRAN AND SERBIA, YAY, MONEY ROLLING IN!! CRIMEA RIVER! GUNG HO! BANZAI!!!


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