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View Diary: Guess why the Army's top sexual assault prosecutor's been suspended (109 comments)

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    I mean the default is supposed to be innocent til proven guilty so no in and of itself I don't believe it's bad.  Having said that, odds are at least some of the victims were telling the truth in those cases so justice wasn't served.

    Ideally every single innocent person would go free and every single guilty person would be convicted.  We can't ever achieve that, but we can try to get it as close as possible.

    Some of the cases were bad cases truly, but some were just tough cases the Army took on that the civies wouldn't (because who needs a low conviction rate come re-election time?).

    I think tough cases should be taken to court. So I think the extreme I see in rural justice systems towards sexual assault goes too far the other way.

    We don't know what happened yet, we don't even know the specifics of the allegation, so we don't know if he's a "buffoon" or any of the other things you list.  My personal dealings with him strongly suggest he isn't, but since my ability to read human nature is as flawed as any other human, I could very well be wrong.

    Time will tell, and the judicial process will take it's course.  I DO object to the mentality present in this diary of an allegation equaling guilt.

    It's absolutely inappropriate to hit on a subordinate.  It's right in the UCMJ.  It's also in AR 600-20.  I dated a junior who wasn't a subordinate (by one rank, both officers), and while it was nothing improper, it was still something that had to be vetted somewhat by my superiors (and ultimately my boss was fine with it)...but if it was my actual subordinate, it wouldn't have just been no you can't it would have been what the heck are you thinking?

    He shouldn't have "given it a shot" if she worked for him which apparently she did.  So if that happened, even if no SA happened, he was wrong.  We will see what the facts bear out.

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