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View Diary: Guess why the Army's top sexual assault prosecutor's been suspended (109 comments)

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    on the facts of military sexual assaults.  It has been going on for as long as we have had any sort of a military organization.  The women,or men, at the bottom of the chain are fair game for anyone in a superior position.  And yes, that includes homosexual type behavior as well as heterosexual, as either way, the first person you have to report such an incident to is quite often the person who assaulted you in the first place.  If not, then the two are often close friends, both on base and off, and again, your report is going to be sniffed, then lost in a pile of paper deep enough to cover anything short of a battle ship.  That is the reason so few cases are ever reported, as the victim doesn't  want to be victimized another time or three trying to be heard.

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