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View Diary: Guess why the Army's top sexual assault prosecutor's been suspended (109 comments)

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    In the modern workplace. Due to the political football that sex has become it is nearly impossible for folks to even think about hooking up at work. A minor tiff between two people negotiating on becoming an item often ends up with paper being dropped, usually by the woman. Then when the lady gets over that tiff you would be surprised at how hurt she is when her former suitor decides that any further courtship just isn't worth the possibility of losing his job. To her that was just a minor feeling she had to work thru & she forgets about the paper & the permanent black mark on her swain's record. This general pattern happens every day in the new adversarial relationship forced by Sexual Harassment  Rules. I am talking from personal experience & observation & not making it up. Sadly it is usually the woman who pays the heaviest emotional price; Men are used to women's ways & shrug it off but the women react too quickly & are badly hurt when the man just walks away. Back in the day many happy marriages were won in the workplace. That now lies firmly in the past. I am not being sexist  but trying to point out an unintended consequence.

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