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View Diary: On Raising My Children To Be Free -- Free To Leave The U.S.A. (275 comments)

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    pajoly, Alice in Florida


    I live in Asia and have been abroad for around decade in total although I first went abroad to study in North Asia in the 1980's.

    I currently live with my two children in Southeast Asia. They have never lived in the US and we have lived in some of the few remaining "communist" nations.

    Short form of story:  absent perhaps moving to the Nordic countries or Europe there are no easy answers in moving abroad.

    Let's be clear, notions of rule of law, personal liberty and privacy, multi-culturalism, access to proper social infrastructure, etc., do matter. The US ranks pretty highly on these metrics. To say otherwise is confused.

    Foreign countries are not necessarily in the business of providing opportunities to expatriates unless they bring technical expertise they need or capital.  So one needs to build the proper tools for success before launching into trajectory or been at risk of being a serf in a foreign domicile. Sorry for the generalization across such a broad range of places but human nature and societal structures may differ in specifics but ultimately it is about distribution of wealth and power.

    Absent Europe, most of these places has their set of elites who are not particularly worried about debates over income equality. They have already clawed their way to the top and are comfortable that it remain that way.

    Sure, do not force feed your kids an disabling ideology, one has to be realistic about the fact the US is still wealthy, has a functioning legal system, good schools and you do not need to compete with 1.1 billion Chinese who have inherent cultural and language advantages.


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