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  •  The other thing (4+ / 0-)

    is that at the time many of the jobs carried out by those we would now consider professional or artistic were considered to be "artisan". It's at the point where there was an appreciation of visual arts but the painter who went round doing portraits for the landowners would be considered an artisan. It was bit like local portrait photographers today - the ones in your local mall would hardly be regarded as "artists" whereas people like Dianne Arbus or Cecil Beaton are.

    Doctors were in the transition from "barber surgeons" to a fully trained profession. Same with architects where a few before had been used on the grand buildings and, in effect,  somebody would see it and show a local builder pictures and ask for something similar.

    At the same time you needed people to transition from a blacksmith making horse shoes to a tool maker constructing the printing presses, farm and industrial machinery. So a whole range of "useful arts" would be needed in a New World (of course whether you need hairdressers and telephone cleaning operatives is a matter for the Hitchhiker's Guide)

    "Come to Sochi, visit the gay clubs and play with the bears" - NOT a Russian advertising slogan.

    by Lib Dem FoP on Fri Mar 07, 2014 at 07:51:19 PM PST

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