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View Diary: "Nowhere in the Constitution" -- Except in the Constitution's very First Section (135 comments)

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  •  Your misstatements of the Constitution are (5+ / 0-)

    counterproductive.  This is supposed to be a reality based site.  I do not think it is reality based to make arguments about what the Constitution does, or does not, provide that are provably incorrect.  I think you do a disservice to the community by promoting these notions that are provably incorrect.  Things like that have a way of becoming "truths" around here with some posters if they are left alone.  It is destructive to the political discourse if people begin any discussion based a false premise like some of the notions in this diary.

    You cannot expect to be able to post diaries about the Constitution that are provably incorrect (like the absurd notion that the Copyright and Patents clause authorizes Congress to control education) and then get offended when someone points out, while providing links to  authority, that you are wrong.


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