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  •  Good post. (4+ / 0-)

    And something that explains the error of embracing truthiness as if it explains everything rather than reporters actually doing their job to present a factual analysis.  I think it only leads to an inability of people to recognize the bigger picture.

    But then, I wonder why those laboring in the low wage economy do not express outrage against their representatives who continue to do so much to create the conditions for the economy they are stuck in.

    The social isolation and lack of social responsibility is so palpable that I wonder when we will collapse as a coherent society?

    •  Society? No one is responsible for "society". (2+ / 0-)
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      shaharazade, Kevskos

      We have silos of coherence but there is no entity called "society" to which we devote attention, resources, planning, effort - we don't invest in 'society".  Once we return to investing in society it will come back to life. Until then, it these silos - some good some bad...

      •  Silly me. (1+ / 0-)
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        I see what you are saying.  And, I think it makes our collapse inevitable.  I look at the news and see degenerates like Grover Norquist, who did so much to destroy societal institutions, still having a voice.  That make me think that we truly are F***ED.

        Will we even want to lift a finger if the wealthy or corporations come under attack?  Do we really want to support our men and women at arms when we know that, as with the bonus army, as with Kent State, these are the people who will be assaulting us?  Given the incarceration rate for people of color why would they even want to hear from people like me concerned with what kind of society we have?

        I see no indication that our demands for more investment in our society will gain any traction.

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