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  •  That outsourcing code and engineering has (11+ / 0-)

    bitten more than one company in the ass big time.  I think the trend is to get them over here and into 'company' housing with 'American' (read white) over site - hence the push for H1B1 visa's.  Some companies are finding that having the work done elsewhere isn't as cheap as they thought it would be due to taking more time than planned (but, that could happen anywhere because of some idiots completely unrealistic expectations), the code is so damned buggy, that it would probably have been cheaper to have done it in house, then there is the time difference and communication issues.

    Where I work has a lot of 'contract' employees from India.  Mainly male.  The complete disrespect many of them show towards women is appalling.  Some of it is nerd attitudes, but not all of it.  There is a HUGE product initiative going on.  The majority of the coding has been outsourced.  Phase one was supposed to have gone live late last October.  It's still not ready.  The project is barely in unit test now.  There's supposed to be a code drop in the next few days.  The 'contract' company won't have all of it ready, can they drop x part, put it with another drop and deliver y and z parts on time???  Phases 2 and 3 have been canceled until Phase 1 can be proved.  We're talking about millions of dollars has been spent, millions more planned to be spent, and then bunches of that was wasted.

    I know that some of the programmers from the contract company 'talks' with a co-worker of mine and is basically fishing for tech specs of what it is that they should do instead of understanding what it is that they're doing.  It's going to be a clusterpuck.

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