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View Diary: First Doctor Visit in Five Years: Why Repubs Want Us Broke or Dead (224 comments)

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  •  Why are you waiting for COBRA to expire? (11+ / 0-)

    Isn't the cost of your COBRA a whole lot more expensive than buying equivalent insurance on either your state or federal exchange?  Have you looked into that?

    I recall that when I had the chance to pick up COBRA after a layoff, it was much too expensive to even consider.  Ended up flying without a healthcare net, much the same as the diarist.

    •  COBRA (3+ / 0-)
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      Penny GC, JerryNA, worldlotus

      COBRA insurance (basically paying out of pocket for the insurance you had while employed up to 102%) means that if you had expensive but great insurance while employed, that is what you get with COBRA, and also the opposite: bad insurance, whether expensive or cheap, your COBRA will be the same.

      I'm currently on COBRA due to my husband, who had a very good job, but too long hours, changing to part time when he was eligible for Medicare.  I'm paying $503/month.  

      I looked at my state exchange.  For lots more money, I could get a lower deductible, for less money, I could get a much higher deductible.  I stayed with my COBRA when I figured out that most plans apply the deductible to the labs and xrays, but my COBRA insurance doesn't. Labs and xrays really get expensive, as pointed out.  

      Yes, why do the insurance companies put up with these high costs?

      •  You need to dig deeper, Andy Cook. (1+ / 0-)
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        Under the ACA the labs and x-rays are fully covered with no co-pay at all. All preventitive care including one annual physical is at no charge. So really the deductibles are not as bad as one would think under the older systems we are use to. Wait until the folks with insurance from their employers find out that so much is outside the deductible and co-pay framework they are use to as their part of the ACA kicks in.

    •  Zadatz, I thought we could not enroll until (0+ / 0-)

      COBRA expired.  I looked again on the federal exchange the other night after someone suggested that I could.

      Exchange says no unless paying more than 9% in premiums or COBRA has expired.

      So I then took a peek at what is being offered in my county.  The only comparable insurance I found was one gold plan.  Most of the plans had obscenely high deductibles, co-insurance & co-pays with all but one a HMO.  Some actually had deductibles that cost the same as what we pay annually for COBRA.

      Sigh, yes the COBRA is expensive-about $1052 a month for two adults ages 58 & 61. Includes vision, dental, RX & is a PPO (not HMO)90/10, $200 deductible each with a $1500 annual max out of pocket in network.

      Because of medical issues that are ongoing due to a surgical misadventure, that 90/10, $200 deductible & $1500 out of pocket max is a big deal.

      We literally went from never going to a doctor because we were boringly healthy for decades.  That all changed during an outpatient event that suddenly necessitated transplant teams, multiple MRIs, surgeries, 10 day hospitalization & ongoing follow-ups with various specialists, labs, etc.  

      To the tune of over 250K & growing..

      All in the blink of an eye.

      Most recent doctor, specialist, labs, vaccinations summary of cost shows toal amount that exceed two months premiums.  One  vaccine (shingles) alone cost $499.00 & the pneumococcal vaccine was $309-not including the "administering fees"...  

      (For cripes sakes, who has $800 plus laying around just for a couple of vaccinations?????)

      All things considered, we're hanging on to COBRA for the now & hope to find comparable insurance when the time comes.

       Key for us is comparable insurance benefits.

      Oh & the only reason we can afford COBRA is that premium amounts are built into the salary accepted for current contract work.  Negotiated for prior to leaving past employer-otherwise could not have gone self employed.....

      Not much wiggle room financially though for any obscene deductibles or co-pays etal.

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