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View Diary: First Doctor Visit in Five Years: Why Repubs Want Us Broke or Dead (224 comments)

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  •  Exactly. The worst part of current (12+ / 0-)

    system is that uninsured individuals pay MORE than insurance companies would pay for an insured person.

    For example, I recently was sick and was prescribed medicine. At first my insurance didn't go through at the pharmacy and the medicine was rung up at $150. Then the insurance went through and the amount the insurance company was billed was $50. My co-pay $5.

    So the insurance company negotiates a discount of one-third the price an uninsured person would pay.

    •  Those prices listed for the uninsured (6+ / 0-)

      are nonsensical. From what I've read, the pricing is more related to some wild ass guess than it is related to actual cost of service/procedure delivery. When treatment and hospital pricing has been questioned, some health care execs have sputtered, "Oh, but no one actually pays that amount!"

      Maybe the providers get bigger write-offs with those high prices, or get better negotiating power with insurance companies.

      I did have evidence that pricing was not so fixed when I was uninsured for several years before  becoming eligible for Medicare. Luckily, the worst that happened was some skin cancers and one emergency room visit for xrays and stitches. Both dermatologist and ER hospital were willing to negotiate the billed amounts. Otherwise, when I really, really needed to see a doctor I could find one that would reduce the office visit charge to $50 or $60. This is not to say that my situation was ideal; only that the "list price" for medical care is not a fixed price.

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