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View Diary: First Doctor Visit in Five Years: Why Repubs Want Us Broke or Dead (224 comments)

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  •  Zadatz, I thought we could not enroll until (0+ / 0-)

    COBRA expired.  I looked again on the federal exchange the other night after someone suggested that I could.

    Exchange says no unless paying more than 9% in premiums or COBRA has expired.

    So I then took a peek at what is being offered in my county.  The only comparable insurance I found was one gold plan.  Most of the plans had obscenely high deductibles, co-insurance & co-pays with all but one a HMO.  Some actually had deductibles that cost the same as what we pay annually for COBRA.

    Sigh, yes the COBRA is expensive-about $1052 a month for two adults ages 58 & 61. Includes vision, dental, RX & is a PPO (not HMO)90/10, $200 deductible each with a $1500 annual max out of pocket in network.

    Because of medical issues that are ongoing due to a surgical misadventure, that 90/10, $200 deductible & $1500 out of pocket max is a big deal.

    We literally went from never going to a doctor because we were boringly healthy for decades.  That all changed during an outpatient event that suddenly necessitated transplant teams, multiple MRIs, surgeries, 10 day hospitalization & ongoing follow-ups with various specialists, labs, etc.  

    To the tune of over 250K & growing..

    All in the blink of an eye.

    Most recent doctor, specialist, labs, vaccinations summary of cost shows toal amount that exceed two months premiums.  One  vaccine (shingles) alone cost $499.00 & the pneumococcal vaccine was $309-not including the "administering fees"...  

    (For cripes sakes, who has $800 plus laying around just for a couple of vaccinations?????)

    All things considered, we're hanging on to COBRA for the now & hope to find comparable insurance when the time comes.

     Key for us is comparable insurance benefits.

    Oh & the only reason we can afford COBRA is that premium amounts are built into the salary accepted for current contract work.  Negotiated for prior to leaving past employer-otherwise could not have gone self employed.....

    Not much wiggle room financially though for any obscene deductibles or co-pays etal.

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