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View Diary: Poll: Keep Obamacare, fix it, and shut up about it! (49 comments)

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  •  The problem is the 58% of GOP (5+ / 0-)

    58% of republicans, and I'd guess a much larger percentage of republican primary voters, want the law repealed.  That's a lot of people, especially in red states.  Therefore, it's still a good play for the GOP to run against Obamacare in red states.

    Everywhere else, especially after they get nominated, it looks like they'd best shut up about it.

    It's all irrelevant, though.  The GOP is holding the House, regardless of what they or the Dems campaign on.  That horse has left the barn.  This Senate will be decided by what typical midterm primary voters think about the economy, Obama, and the general direction of the country, somewhere around Labor Day.

    It's not going to be about Obamacare.  It's going to be about Obama, especially in red states.  

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