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View Diary: Poll: Keep Obamacare, fix it, and shut up about it! (49 comments)

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  •  With a Congress whose work ethic (0+ / 0-)

    stinks; they will be on the job for only 112 days this year, the word "fix," means too much work.

    Many of these Repugs love to talk about the "lazy" unemployed who'd rather eat gourmet on food stamps, and lounge about on unemployment, but don't think of themselves as:

    Taking a salary from the American public and not doing the people's work.  Instead many of them have spent the last five years in office in a concerted effort to make this president's every proposal for the good of the country and for its people either not to be voted on, or dumped in the trash.

    Why?  Because they don't care about what is good for their country, they are only working for the Roves, Kochs, and the fringe to skew the next election. It's getting more of the same obstructionists into public office and that's all.

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