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  •  In Tx. the Pres. gets blamed for no medicaid (0+ / 0-)


    I've heard several people who would need but are denied subsidies blaming the president for their plight.

    One is my neighbor across the street.

    When she started talking about how difficult and expensive it was to take her kids to the Dr., she blamed Obamacare.

    Of course I corrected her, and she didn't argue.

    What was sad though was the look on her face told me that was the first time she had heard the reason why she was not getting the help other people in states that are participating was because the Govr Perry refused the help.

    YES and hard as that is to believe, people here believe the President is getting the blame by the people most affected by the cruel and calculated decision by the state Government led by Queen Perry to not participate in the Medicaid expansion.

    They blame him instead of the Republicans responsible, because they are told little else by the local media.

    Instead of explanations as to why people are getting excluded our local paper here is replete with the make believe examples of Obamacare making people lose their insurance and bullshit like that.

    Such lies are then buttressed by a lot of teahadist comments that add fuel to the fire regarding Obamacare and how it's going to destroy the nation.

    The lies come so fast and thick that to break through with it requires a concerted effort to get the truth out, but from where I sit there is no effort per se.

    People who do find out the real story do so in the way I described by talking to someone who knows who informs them or while in the process of checking insurance in general.

    One reason the Republicans in Texas are so cocky is the media is wholly on their side and not only do their best to spread every Republican talking point/lie throughout the state, but also do so in the most confusing way possible, ensuring people like my neighbor who have little time to spare (single mom with 3 kids works full time) will never find enough time to sit down at a computer and sift through the bullshit to find out why it's so hard for her.

    One example of the local media's cynical duplicity is calling the law Obamacare when it's the bad news/lies, and calling it the AHA when it's the good news from states who did agree to the expansion.

    Get that, when the news is bad and there is a lot of it, mostly lies the blame is on Obamacare.

    When news stories report news that shows why it's really a vast improvement over what we had the credit goes to the AHA with nary a mention of the President.

    It's not only the working poor who are confused. A couple I know both of whom have college degrees and earn decent money also do not know the facts, and they aren't the teahadist who doesn't care about the facts. They are just people who assume what they are reading in the media is more or less correct so.

    The bottom line is a much greater effort has to be made to inform the people about the benefits of AHA and who is responsible for trying to help the nation and which party is responsible for trying to take it all back.

    Relying on the media in red states to do an honest job is to forfeit the race before you start.

    If no such effort is made, AHA could very well become the  albatross around the Democratic party's chances come Nov. 2014.

    There is still a lot of time to fix things, but from where I sit I don't see any effort whatsoever, and I should be finally.

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