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    No, really, I cannot believe this. I've been getting regular email "deal offers" from a bank, and I've never opened them. Glance over the subject line and move on. Today, out of curiosity, I finally opened one.

    They are offering me a dollar off if I use my bank debit card at Burger King. I've changed it to plain text, but it came across all fancy, colored up, and with the Burger King logo.

    You've been Gifted $1.

    Enjoy your latest FreeMonee Gift from U.S. Bank. Simply use your U.S. Bank® Visa® Check Card at Burger King between 04/10/2014 and 04/16/2014.


    Use the enrolled U.S. Bank® Visa® Check Card at Burger King between the active Gift dates

    The FreeMonee Gift will be credited to your card account within 2 weeks

    Honey, look!  We've got a dollar off at Burger King! Let's go!

    I sat stunned, just looking at it for a few minutes. And, I don't even have what you might call "money." But, still I cannot believe this is going on.

    At least it's a debit card, and not a credit card. I'd be even more sad if they were enticing low income folks to charge their meals.

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