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  •  Turkey - where will it end up? (11+ / 0-)

    As mentioned in earlier comments, i went to Turkey on a trip sponsored by the Gulan inspired groups.

    Before I went I read an interesting book by a Univ of Tex atty on the 8 year trial of Gulen which lasted until I think 2008. It was a sham. The movement toward the EU opened up the legal system and without that he would have been convicted. He was in the US so it is not clear if he would have been in jail. For my money, he is a wise religious and social figure who has inspired a movement.

    I have been impressed with the newspaper linked to the group. I find it better than most USA newspapers - like an old time newspaper.

    These comments  below are based on a middle of the road newspaper not linked to Gulen. They report that the EU is extremely upset with Erdogan. The EU and the US don't buy Erdogan's attempt to go after them as a parallel organization. I have not seen any credible evidence of anything against the law that they have done and they are not a political party.

    Erdogan's chief advisor

    was appointed as chief adviser to Erdoğan in July 2013. He made worldwide headlines during the Gezi Park protests over the summer by claiming that foreign powers were attempting to “kill Erdoğan with telekinesis.”
    here is more of his "wisdom"
    Writing in his column in daily Star on April 9, Bulut suggested that the “new world order” would consist of three main components: the American continent, the Turkey-Russia-Eurasia-Middle East line, and the China-India-Iran line.

    He wrote that Turkey had been "used by Europe and its extensions" for years, being "humiliated and scorned" in the process. “Today we don’t need this and the most important thing is that there is no Europe and it is impossible for it to be in the new balance of the world order,” Bulut wrote.

    “The American continent alone represents the Western power focus with its values, and this representation will continue by getting stronger. There won’t be any Europe in the new balance. Let me write clearly, in the new balance the new West is only America. We don’t need Europe and its material-moral extensions that could be burden for us,” he added.

    and the high court seems to be the only democratic institution left standing and here is what Erdogan thinks about that

    High court’s Twitter verdict should be overturned: Turkish PM

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