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View Diary: Ted Cruz asks Facebook friends about Obamacare, finds out they like it (73 comments)

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  •  You are correct, and.... (12+ / 0-)

    here is the irony: insurance companies are profiting off of the ACA but because their CEO's are, for the most part, Republicans, they won't come out in support of it.

    •  Which in and of itself is interesting. (3+ / 0-)

      It's a CEO saying, "No! I don't want more money and paying customers!"

      If a Democrat did that, they'd be denounced as a communist.

      •  We never wanted the CEOs to get richer off the ACA (2+ / 0-)
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        Jon Sullivan, 1949girl

        By keeping the nonsense debate going, we stay distracted from the real issues and problems.

        The left is measuring success by numbers of new enrollees with no consideration of the unsustainable cost of free or subsidized healthcare to millions more people.

        The right keeps repeating the REPEAL mantra without a cogent analysis of the cost / benefits.

        In five or ten years we'll be wondering why we still don't have a public option, still no single payer and no reduction in the actual cost for healthcare in America. The rich will be richer and better positioned to corrupt our government.

        Granted, it's great for people who couldn't afford healthcare and now have it. But we could have simple expanded Medicaid if our purpose was to create more social giveaways.


        •  In a perfect world (3+ / 0-)
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          Jon Sullivan, Mostserene1, 1949girl

          You would be right that we could have just expanded Medicare.  But that would never have made it through and become a law at this time.

          ACA definitely doesn't solve the biggest problems.  But if nothing else, after we've tried this for 10 years and if we're still losing ground on healthcare, the right won't be able to claim that this is the way to fix it.  So that would be at least some progress.  And maybe by then, the pendulum will have swung enough to the left to get a single payer system (expand Medicare to cover all).

          In the meantime, ACA will probably save thousands of lives and even more families from health-care induced financial ruin.

          Understanding is limited by perspective. Perspective is limited by experience. America is a great place to live but it limits our ability to understand.

          by CindyV on Tue Apr 01, 2014 at 03:23:35 PM PDT

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        •  Mischaracterization (0+ / 0-)

          "Social giveaways" exposes you as a wingnut troll disguised as a supporter of universal medical insurance coverage.  Under your definition, single payer would also be a "social giveaway."  The people who will now receive Medicaid under Obamacare are the employed poor.  They pay sales taxes, they pay social security taxes, they pay property taxes (even if they are renters, part of their rent covers the landlord's cost of property taxes), they pay state income taxes.  So, they, too, are "makers", not "takers".  One way or another, the cost of health care is a "social giveaway" -- to employers who don't provide a health insurance benefit or an inadequate one so the rest of us (including other employers) subsidize the costs of medical care to those employees through health insurance premiums and direct pay to healthcare providers.

          The major policy question is:  why do we have a fragmented government medical insurance system?  Doesn't that lead to duplication and waste?  Why do we need Medicaid, Medicare (2 different types with 1 providing less benefits but the government pays the insurers more for it), ACA federal, ACA state, Veterans' Administration, separate coverage for federal employees, still more separate coverage for active military and their families?  What have I missed?  

          Obamacare, including expanded Medicaid, will provide a way of honestly assessing the cost of medical care to everyone because, eventually, everyone will be covered, medical providers will be linked electronically, and we will know what the statistical universe is, plus, there will be continuity of care from one provider to another.  I am delighted that my income taxes will be used to reduce or eliminate the current death rate of approx. 45,000 of my fellow citizens who die EVERY YEAR because they don't have health insurance.  Much better than spending money to use drones to bomb wedding parties in Afghanistan, don't you think?

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