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  •  Need to review graphing standards (0+ / 0-)

    Darrell Huff (How to Lie with Statistics) would call this a "gee-whiz graph."   If you start the y axis at zero, as you should, the difference between 7 million and 7.1 million is almost invisible.   Unless this is a satire on Fox's own distorted reporting, this is sort of unworthy of Daily Kos.   Please tell me you're joshing!   (I'm happy for the good enrollment figures, btw, just not with the graph.)

    •  If one is one of the extra 100,000+, I doubt the (0+ / 0-)

      graph seems skewed. But the signups are also larger than the limited number cited, because of different ways additional insurance options were implemented in the states. Mokurai explains. Perhaps a graph showing that would be more to your liking. It would be to mine.

      Like you, many of us favor accuracy, but it is possible to eliminate oneself from the dialogue and the debate with overly perfectionist standards. The problem is, 7 million, 7.1 million, to our adversaries, ANY number is politically insignificant and unworthy of help. They'd consign them to the streets if they could. Not only no health care, no roof overhead, no food, no nothing, and don't inconvenience their world view by trying to remain visible. Not even on the streets.

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