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  •  A fringe that is actually even smaller than polls (0+ / 0-)

    ..have indicated in the not too distant past, but got very little coverage in the MSM . Many of the votes against PPACA were made by single payer advocates.

    We already know that many Dems held an opinion that the PPACA got damaged by the GOP and in past and today had an unfavorable opinion of PPACA; that it didn't go far enough.

    But also how many of the fringe, many of which are the individual mandate enemies, will admit it or even realize this:

    Basically, the individual mandate is the key driver that keeps the costs of insurance premiums down. Without the individual mandate, the additional provisions of the law, which are all wildly popular, would force insurance premiums to skyrocket. Unknowingly, Republican voters, by railing against the individual mandate but supporting the other elements of the law, are pretty much advocating for single-payer, government run health coverage. It appears they want ‘Medicare for all’ without even realizing it.
    ..when the older republican base make the connection that PPACA is the same sort of universal program as their beloved Medicare and S.S. and PPACA is strengthening Medicare and keeping costs down for them

    I wonder what that polls will look like - especially when the republicans originally conceived as pejorative name of  'Obamacare' isn't what healthcare is named

    Steve Kornacki hosting ‘All In’ for Chris Hayes shows a Jimmy Kimmel clip of people asked whether they prefer the  ‘Affordable Care Act’ vs  ‘Obamacare’:
    (short ad - sorry)
    Full segment @ link with following conversation with Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (D) who unlike many of the GOP governors helped his constituents by setting up health care exchanges and expanding Medicaid:

      ‘Obamacare/Affordable Care Act’ is here to stay and this..

    ..the jury is still out among 18 percent of Obama voters, suggesting that support for the law should continue to grow as partisans come home.
    ..18% number will continue to shrink; and not just with Dems.

    Word of mouth from red-non-Medicaid-expansion states to states with Medicaid expansion - a huge wave is on the way - imo

    Thx - good deal Kos

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