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View Diary: TX-Gov: Abbott (R) Advisor Charles Murray, "No evidence that women are significant thinkers" (241 comments)

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  •  Assuming [fantasize] that Murray (3+ / 0-)

    is correct in the following:  1)  in his study of white males, he can rationally conclude that educational attainment is a function of class, not race and 2) some people can't be helped (are so inferior) so it is a waste of public money.

    In regard to #1: 1.1  Murray obviously thinks the rules of objective research do not apply to him.  If he only studied white males in a certain age cohort, he has no comparison group.  Drawing conclusions about education, race, and class without cross- comparing subjects of different races and classes makes about as much sense as the still too often practice of testing the efficacy, safety, and dosage of new medications only on men and then manufacturing and recommending prescription dosages for everyone!  1.2  At the starting date of his longitudinal study (was it data/statistics review or was it really a study where he followed his subjects for that length of time?), there was a strong correlation between race and class in the U.S. and there still is.  There was also a strong correlation between race, class and education, as well.  So how the heck can Murray presume to differentiate and conclude that class is the key variable?  CLASS IS THE OUTCOME!  EDUCATION IS A KEY VARIABLE!  RACE IS A VARIABLE ONLY AS IT RELATES TO THE QUALITY AND QUANTITY OF VARIALBE (EDUCATION) AVAILABLE TO AND PARTICIPATED IN BY EACH RACE.
    #2 -- So, if people are not doing well in society because they are innately inferior, how does it serve society for our government to remove all safety nets and to starve them, deny them education, deny them shelter, deny them health care?  As Murray said, libertarians are not problem solvers.  I would add:  libertarians are economic anarchists whose "policies" would create more havoc and human and environmental economic blight leading to an over all degradation of society.

    The people who opposed the civil rights laws in the 60's should get down on their hands and knees to thank those who fought for and voted for change because THOSE CHANGES HAVE BENEFITED ALL OF US.  It is the tide that has raised ALL boats.  Yes, I am yelling.  Have to be heard by those closed minded troglodytes.  

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