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View Diary: Here's why Republicans will keep voting to repeal Obamacare (62 comments)

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    I guess Im one of those who thinks it would be a grave mistake to engage the GOP over ACA. Democrats would acknowledge it, point out the successes, then launch into tirade about the GOP's record over the past 6 years:

    Sabotaging the economy recovery for pure political gain

    Inflicting suffering on Americans for political gain
    Holding unemployed hostage till they got a 2 year extension on the Bus  tax cuts ( 2010)

    STILL holding the long term unemployed hostage at this moment!

    Democrats have a LOT to go after which the GOP can NOT defend because there IS NO DEFENSE short of admitting that they played politics when the country was in the greatest economic crisis since 1929 and continue to do so!

    Don't buy into the GOP strategy but make THEM defend  THEIR RECORFD!

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