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View Diary: Miami-Dade blocks voters standing in line from using the bathroom (350 comments)

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  •  This discriminates against the class of humans (14+ / 0-)

    If voting only takes 10 minutes, as it does in my well-to-do suburb, no problem.  But six hours? If you don't have to urinate in that time period, you aren't drinking enough water.  

    This is an unduly burdensome decision that impairs voting rights.  Especially given the lack of adequate means to vote in places like Miami-Dade.  If you have not visited and been an observer in places where there are long lines, I urge you to.  This can be a huge burden on voters for reasons ranging from infirmity, to the need to get to or return to work.   Putting those stories into evidence can develop the framework to make a winning case on this issue.  

    I have talked to hundreds of such people in lines like this.  From WWII vets to people voting for the first time in their sixties (to elect a president who finally put forth a message that spoke to them), to first time 18 year-olds struggling to establish a place for themselves in the labor market. For a lot of people - lots of our people - voting is hard.  Again, putting those stories into evidence can develop the framework to make a winning case on this issue.  

    Making voting harder is discrimination regardless of the details of the legal analysis of the subject class.  Making it harder happens for one reason only, and that reason goes back to the efforts to limit voting to wealthy, educated, landowners.  Making it harder by eliminating the chance to void ones bladder or bowels is, in my opinion, beyond the pale for even Justice Kennedy.  

    Accordingly, I disagree with your legal analysis and respectfully urge you to choose the alternative of supporting a challenge on legal grounds whether or not it violates current law.  This is how law is changed.    

    If we do not maintain Justice, Justice will not maintain us. -Sir Francis Bacon.

    by Res Ipsa Loquitor on Thu Apr 10, 2014 at 07:44:36 PM PDT

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