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View Diary: LOL: Community college students and instructors find awesome way to protest anti-gay "Porno Pete" (117 comments)

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  •  While funny ... (2+ / 0-)
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    ... that would have given the righties ammunition on  how "childish" and "attention-seeking" the left is.

    The sheer quiet power and dignity of what the protesters did left them immune from any criticism at all.  (Witness the monumental lameness of Pete's attempt at criticism.)

    •  I agree (0+ / 0-)

      that quiet, dignified protest is best.

      Back in the late 60's I was at dinner at a restaurant on a Friday evening with two friends from work.  We lived and worked in a very conservative small town surrounded by a huge rural area. We taught in a school that had about 1000 white and 5 black students. Another teacher showed up and asked if he could join us.  Within minutes, he was ranting about "colored people."  

      I opened my mouth to protest, when the guy across from me, held his finger to his lips to suggest I remain quiet. Without saying a word, he got up, took his plate, utensils and glass with him and moved to another table. My other friend and I followed him.

      The racist sat alone bewildered.

      I think if we had tried to argue with him, he would have gotten angry, dug in his heels, and defended his stance.  If we had tried a childish prank, it would have convinced him that he was smarter, more mature and therefore held a "correct" point of view.

      On Monday morning, he was all apologetic.  

      Everyone has a need to belong. When we left the table and ignored him, I'm sure he thought twice about his position on civil rights.  He might not have changed his mind, but at least he knew the entire world didn't agree with him and there would be consequences for clinging to his bias.

      Ever since then, I have used the same tactic when confronted with racist, misogynist, homophobic or other hateful points of view.  It is quite effective if others join me.  

      If others seem to be in agreement, I usually shake my head sadly, make a comment about how pitiful it is that they can hate an entire group of people because of some outdated stereotype or other ---then walk away. If I know the person to be a religious type, I might replace "pitiful" with "unChristian."

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