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  •  not just our base (3+ / 0-)
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    Tool, kid oakland, GussieFN

    but many so called 'apathetic' non voters and people that have just given up on the corrupt rigged political process. I really don't think people are as apathetic or stupid as the political myths/fictions we suffer under would have us believe. Young people especially turned out to vote for Obama because they naively believed in what he preached, bottom up change.

    Blaming the people who refuse to vote for the lesser evil seems to me to be insult to injury. Low information? well most know what the R's are about and they also know they really do not have a choice other then the degrees of austerity and misery that are going to be implemented. It comes down to do you want a vagina probe with your austerity? Sometimes fear just isn't enough to get people to ratify the latest spokesperson/candidate the 'owners of the place' have selected to run this farce that Axelrod says is 'the world as we find it'.      

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