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  •  Great diary, great humor (1+ / 0-)
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    Especially liked your capsule review of Piketty's book:

    a book which compiles nearly seven hundred pages of evidence and several disavowals of Marx to show what the real marxists knew already: if you are rich and own capital, capital accumulation makes you richer.
    It has long struck me as a travesty of education in the US that the work of Marx (not to mention modern 'marxists') is so studiously ignored, when he was perhaps the most brilliant thinker in political economy of his century.  To teach modern history or economics without studying Marx strikes me as akin to doing high school physics without mentioning Newton or utilizing his theories of motion.

    Like other serious scientists of his time, Marx worked from the foundations of his predecessors' theories plus the evidence around him, building on Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, etc etc - exposing and correcting their flaws and weaknesses, clarifying their implications, extending their insights where he found them.

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