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    You're probably aware that the Founders were almost all Deists which is why they wrote the separation of Church and State into the Constitution. (Jefferson was only a hairsbreadth away from being an Agnostic) Take a moment to send a quiet prayer of thanks to the Architect (remember: they were Freemasons too) that it turned out that way. Otherwise, you and I would be required to attend Sunday services whether we wanted to or not.

    BTW, M-theory seems to explain all the oddities of the Big Bang and the resultant physical conditions of this particular Universe. It also allows for a framework that supports all the possibilities of Creation. (Look it up on YouTube. Fascinating. Ignore the math parts if you wish. You don't need them to understand the Principle) As for the existence of a Prime Mover...well, it leaves possibilities open, but you're probably correct with the concept of a non-micromanaging Deity. Management is not necessary when the initial parameters are set and implemented.

    Isn't that kind of a good thing, though? Free will is always better, at least for some of us.

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