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View Diary: Updated: Florida Students Protest Koch Influence Over College Professors (104 comments)

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    The Koch brothers are everywhere - trying to buy major newspapers, trying to get the power to appoint economics professors, trying to manipulate the low-information voters with unlimited advertisements, using payola to buy the decisions of Congress.  The Koch brothers are more subversive to democracy than any enemy the United States has ever faced - worse than Czar Putin, worse than Chinese expansionists, worse than the Soviet Union, worse than Nazi Germany, worse than the slave owners of the antebellum South, and worse than King George.  If they win, we might as well chop up the Statue of Liberty and throw it into the bay.  

    Boycott Georgia Pacific, and the Koch's other companies!

    For the full list, see

    Warren/Grayson 2016! Yes We Can!

    by BenFranklin99 on Tue Apr 22, 2014 at 03:38:19 PM PDT

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