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View Diary: Updated: Florida Students Protest Koch Influence Over College Professors (104 comments)

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    An education at any cost that is nothing more than propaganda is a worthless education. So if the Kocks want professors to teach the earth is flat, and man lived with the dinosaurs  society should accept that as fact? This makes all college degrees from FSU suspect. The real point is that schools both high school and college are underfunded. I place the blame at the feet of Rethuglicans war cry of government is bad. And Floridope is no exception. Just look at the wonderful things their nutbag of a governor has accomplished. Nothing except enrich his friends. Sorry to say folks but taxes are a necessary evil for an educated society. As reported on the news this evening the middle class of the US doesn't even make the top ten. We have declined that much. Even the Canadian middle class is better off. Yet, as reported, the rich are getting richer. No surprise there, huh.  Note to Canada: watch out for illegal aliens from the US crossing the border illegally into Canada to find a better life.

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