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View Diary: Was Bowe Bergdahl "going Galt"? (Cue Teapublican heads exploding.) (188 comments)

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    Catte Nappe, Elizabeth 44

    I think we need more information.  I'm not sure that the "hearing voices" comment is a self-evaluation of an actual experience (rare if you have a severe mental illness), or a metaphor.  I could say, I hear voices in the wind to describe an experience of standing in a grove of trees on a windy day.  But, I wouldn't mean that I'm "hearing voices" that are telling me to do . . . whatever, and a symptom of a mental illness.  To say that this is a symptom of a mental illness, which it is, but without a full psychiatric examination, is premature.  We are making conclusions on third hand observations from media reporting.

    We all keep grasping for understanding or explanation of what happened.  He was a deserter.  He has a mental illness.  Or even he went Gault (my apology to the author of this diary, because it is a valuable insight).  Until we hear from official sources and from Bergdahl himself, it is all speculation.

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