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View Diary: Was Bowe Bergdahl "going Galt"? (Cue Teapublican heads exploding.) (188 comments)

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  •  Yeah, also maybe the boredom got to him (1+ / 0-)
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    Imagine hours, days, weeks, months of your life on guard duty in the middle of some barren land.  Why are you here?  You have the same boring (MREs) for food day after day.  The same group of guys to talk to.  What do a group of 20-something-year-old guys talk about for months at a time?

    Maybe he was trying to prove something to his buddies - a macho prank of some sort.  Or maybe he was trying to talk privately on a cellphone (or trying to get better reception).  Maybe one of the Afghan police he sometimes talked with offered him something - some tea, or food, or a souvenir he could buy, or information.

    So many possibilities, but it's all just speculation.  We will probably never know the "real" story, knowing the way the military works.

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