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View Diary: Why should you believe Republicans' assertions that Martin Luther King was a Republican? (19 comments)

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    In the South before 1964, the Democratic Party was the party of racism and "states' rights." The Republican Party was no bastion of what we in the North would call "liberalism," but it was generally less racist and extreme (and more pragmatic) than the Dixiecrats.

    So while I doubt King openly identified with either party, I would not be at all surprised to find that he voted Republican in state and local races. But of course we don't know -- secret ballot and all that.

    1964 was, of course, a watershed year when the GOP nominated someone who was at that time considered so extreme that many formerly loyal Republicans voted against him. (He wouldn't be extreme by today's standards, which says something.) So King saying he wouldn't be necessarily bound to vote Republican that year can mean that normally he would have voted GOP even for President.

    This is basically a stupid argument, since the party alignment has changed so dramatically. I like Abraham Lincoln, but I'm not going to vote Republican just because he was one.

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