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View Diary: Glenn Greenwald called Iraq war protestors hardcore communists and truly odious. (340 comments)

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    I just went back and reread the Greenwald piece.  He mentions Iraq once:

    These are hard-core Communists. Fidel Castro is one of their heroes. This has nothing to do with opposition to the war in Iraq or specific free trade agreements. Those are thinly disguised pretexts. These demonstrators hate the United States because they are genuinely opposed to economic freedom and individual liberty, and they seek to impose the collectivist authoritarianism of Fidel Castro onto the entire Latin American continent. It really is that simple.
    One can parse that many ways, but it seems to me he is denying that these were really Iraq war protestors.  I guess you could say he is calling them ostensible Iraq war protestors.

    The piece uses the term "peace protestors" in the title and at one point uses the expression "anti-war."

    In any event, I disapprove of this diary's murky hatchet job nine years later.

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