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View Diary: Six in 10 Obamacare customers were previously uninsured and other fun Obamacare facts (14 comments)

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    some were put on medicaid when their states opted into medicaid,  some were in states (lots of somes) that didn't expand medicaid, are so poor they don't qualify for the subsidies but just over the limit for non-expanded medicaid, so they are out in the cold,   some were on COBRA, see the pie chart, just a few months from uninsured, and some were in other plans, potentially catastrophic only plans or something they thought wasn't as good as an exchange plan and they switched.  This also doesn't cover people up to age 26 who have been added to parent's plans.

    And then you have to remember how much bad information, out right lying, etc. existed to discourage people from signing up.

    The number who bought in was encouraging, above expectations.   Open enrollment starts again in a few short months, there will probably be another large group that gets on board.  More insurers plan to offer policies, so that may help with holding premiums in check and get better choices out in the market.

    The percentage of uninsured have dropped significantly.   This was a good start.

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