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  •  Buzzflash linked to a Novak article (none)
    The point of the linkup was to refer to Gillespie getting a WH office and moving to Andy Card's position, but later in the article Novack (I know we don't believe him) writes a smear about Dean and how D.C. dems are still speaking against Dean.  Novack reports (from his makebelieve world) that Louisiana dems walked away from Dean when he went there -- Landrieu among them.

    Any truth to this last (LA dems not appearing with Dean) or is Novack hallucinating again.

    •  Yup (none)
      It was diaried here, a fair number of Louisiana bigshots avoided Dean.  There was according to the reports, though, a good and enthusiastic crowd there.  The LA Democratic establishment has always tended to be conservative and very insular.  I suspect taht story is getting spun out there a lot because it may be the only state so far where Dean has had that problem, despite hitting one "red state" after another.  As noted in this thread and elsewhere, both the Idaho and Montana chairs were leery of Dean but have since enthusiastically climbed on board.  I suspect that when the 50-state program gets to Louisiana, the usual suspects will find themselves dealt out of the game.  According to the Huey Long operating manual for Louisiana reform that's how it's done anyway!  :-)
      •  Thanks D.L. (none)
        Sorry to hear that.  I wonder if they have talked to him privately.  This might make sense for Dean to make an offer in D.C. to meet in a less local manner.  He might be able to persuade them.  Hell, he got me off my couch.

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