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  •  I don't wanna sound like a poo-poo head... (none)
    but how many electoral votes/senate seats/congressional seats are we talking about?
    •  Enough to win. (none)
      Red electoral votes in the West:

      Montana - 3
      Idaho - 4
      Utah - 5
      Wyoming - 3
      Colorado - 9
      Nevada - 5
      New Mexico - 5
      Arizona - 10

      Now, Kerry had a decent chance of winning those last four.  Had he won three of them, he would be the President today.  Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming are more distant (though Montana may be promising) but if we can force the Republicans to spend resources there, even if just for state races, and not the White House race, that's less money that they can spend elsewhere.

      •  not just those states (none)
        I think a Democratic message that could win us Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado could also win back Iowa, West Virginia, Ohio, and Florida - landslide time!

        There is an unsubtle difference between breathing fire and blowing smoke.

        by Leggy Starlitz on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 09:03:05 AM PDT

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    •  Enough to swing the election. (none)
      And that's what matters.  Democrats lost in part, I believe, because they stopped caring about the "little states" and focused too much on only addressing New York and California.
    •  Every State is equal in the Senate (none)
      Since each state gets two and only two Senators it is well worth the time and effort to rebuild the Western States Democratic Base as a means to control of the Senate.

      Replacing Idaho/Montana/Arizona/Nevada republican Senators with Democrats would kick the Senate back to Democratic control eventually.

      The House being based on population is different though every rep you change is a win overall and these changes will only come with time and with the viewpoint of always and I mean always running a competitive opponent for every office.

      Winning the Whitehouse does no good if you don't have control of the House or the Senate and to win those you have to look at every state.

      Also don't discount Govenors races in these states, 50 positions of power that can force/guide Washington policy if united.  And often State Governors are less concerned about party unity and more concerned with keeping their state solvent in the "Bush Economy of Illusions".

      Idaho (I am one) voters are often portrayed as hard core Republican zombies yet the real truth is that most are rather liberal, many are thoughtful educated people and usually are always ready to fight (almost any fight).

      Most Idaho voters vote for the best candidate available; it is just sad how often the candidate put up by the Democrats is not very good.  Good Democratic people can get elected as shown by the shifts in the states house and senate (small changes true) that were seen on the last election.

      But these things take time.....after all the Republican Cons/RWE have been undermining the GOP for over 25 years now.

      It took us 200 years to screw this nations political system up so it may take a little while to fix it.

      I seem to have lost my nation, I appear to have stepped through the Looking Glass into a "Homeland"

      by mdgluon on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 10:33:17 AM PDT

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