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  •  BECAUSE (4.00)

      When most people think Libertarian they are thinking stuff like no gov't snooping in my life, gun control, warrantless searches, workplace privacy, personal information privacy, being able to organize a work place or whistleblow without getting the axe. Some who even consider themselves conservative think legalization of marijuana.

      Many of these same people who don't want gov't intrusion in the areas listed above think Social Security, Pension Protections, and even National Health Care are good ideas, but they associate the Democrats with losing freedoms not gaining them. We need to change that perception.


    •  You're correct... (4.00)
      But when you have Hillary who's going after video game companies in a puritanical fury...

      When you have blue states pushing smoking bans and seat belts for dogs(?), you begin to wonder where the hell the nanny state is going to end..

      When you have Pelosi and a huge bunch of democrats refusing to help people out in the Kelo vs. New London decision by refusing to vote for helpful legislation..

      You prove the point that Democrats really aren't interested in individual liberty or helping people protect their own property. Democrats come across as more puritanical, pompous, condecending than any Republican.

      •  Hillary Isn't the Democratic Party (none)
        I don't think that Hillary going after video game makers will tarnish the image of the Democratic Party.  Unless we nominate her.  But there are plenty of good Democrats out there that can appeal to libertarian votes.  Many of us libertarian Democrats recently launched a new blog-community called Freedom Democrats.  

        Socially Just, Fiscally Responsible: FreedomDemocrats

        by LoganFerree on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 10:01:54 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •   When Gore Ran The First Time (none)

          I know a lot of people who didn't support him because of Tippers music label crusade back in the 80's.

          We tend to stereo type the GOP as Christian types who want to legislate morality because that small segment put them over the top, but there's probably even a greater number of libertarian leaning people.

    •  yep (none)
      Some who even consider themselves conservative think legalization of marijuana.

      Like William Buckley fer instance

    •  I agree with your overall point (none)
      but many Libertarians see Social Security and national health care as "government intrusion" as well.  One diatribe I saw on C-SPAN against public housing -- which I don't wholehartedly support anyway, but go with me -- was that, "There's no need for it.  Once the middle class saves money and moves up in the world, they'll leave behind less desirable property that's nonetheless in perfect condition that low-wage workers can move into.  And once they save up a little, those people will move out and new poor people will move in.  See, the government doesn't need to step in at all; the situation takes care of itself!"  People that think like that are tough to convert.
      •  Some Do (none)

          But there's a sizeable segment of people who don't want to be micromanaged by government, but who still don't see any way other than government to protect their pensions, retirement etc.

           When the Dems push as hard for national healthcare, or to protect people  from gov't taking their property and giving it to developers, as they push for gun control or some other issues that people see as intrusive they will have the margin to win.

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