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  •  Enough to win. (none)
    Red electoral votes in the West:

    Montana - 3
    Idaho - 4
    Utah - 5
    Wyoming - 3
    Colorado - 9
    Nevada - 5
    New Mexico - 5
    Arizona - 10

    Now, Kerry had a decent chance of winning those last four.  Had he won three of them, he would be the President today.  Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming are more distant (though Montana may be promising) but if we can force the Republicans to spend resources there, even if just for state races, and not the White House race, that's less money that they can spend elsewhere.

    •  not just those states (none)
      I think a Democratic message that could win us Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado could also win back Iowa, West Virginia, Ohio, and Florida - landslide time!

      There is an unsubtle difference between breathing fire and blowing smoke.

      by Leggy Starlitz on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 09:03:05 AM PDT

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