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  •  Ladies and gentlemen, fellow (4.00)
    kossacks etc. this is exhibit one of the fundamentalist persecution complex. Anytime that a fundamentalist doesn't get their way, it is anti-christian. Fundamentalists also take whatever the GOP says at their word. It doesn't matter that Bush has spent more money than any President in history or that Clinton balanced budgets, liberals are still tax and spend. You see, evidence and facts do nothing to sway them. They have decided and that's it. This is why Bush was able to get out of the primary in SC-fundamentalists!! They believed the lies about John McCain. They didn't even bother to check out whether they are true or not. You see-it is true because the GOP says it is true and that is all that is needed!!!!

    It's the same rhetoric that Osama uses. He claims that everything is a "war against Islam" just like the GOP claims that everything is a
    "war against christianity." We are beginning to see the fusing of fundamentalist beliefs. The same way that Osama gets people to do their bidding is the say way the GOP gets fundamentalists to do theirs.

    Remember now, it was the GOP that trained and taught Osama. The rhetoric is becoming identical.

    The GOP is the party of Somebody Else

    by Ga6thDem on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 10:26:14 AM PDT

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