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  •  Amen to the Western platform (none)
    I've thought a lot about this whole issue of democratic core values.  I keep coming back to one thing:

    Republicans (at least Karl Rove Republicans) instinctually trust authority/power and instinctually distrust individuals.  Hence, Dobson.  Hence Tom Delay.  Hence, the Patriot Act.  Hence, the uncritical embrace of the Catholic Church.  Hence, the antipathy toward science (which has always been viewed as a threat to authority).  Hence, the subjugation of governement to corporate interests.

    We Democrats (at least the Democratic party I want to see and that I hope Howard Dean will help create) have the opposite instincts.  We instinctually distrust authority/power and instinctually trust individuals.  Hence, liberty.  Hence, economic populism.  Hence, a skeptical view of war (which is so often fought to defend the interests of those in power, not the interests of the people).  Hence, the importance of good government (bad government is always about vested interests).

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