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  •  Dean Rocks! (4.00)
    I volunteered for Dean's presidential campaign back in March of 2003. Back in those early days he was still relatively unknown and our little group got to meet him several times when he came out to the San Francisco Bay Area. I saw him speak live half a dozen times, met and shook hands with him and hung out with his brother Jim, (now head of Democracy for America).

    What I love about Howard Dean is that he doesn't mince words. Sure sometimes he sticks his foot in the poo but he does that because he's a real human being not some slick product created by a marketing team. He's a real person, an experienced medical doctor, and a former governor.

    He really epitomizes what a public servant should be. Washington is full of professional politicians who spend more time being wined-and-dined by lobbiests than concerning themselves with the business of the people from their districts. Dean's efforts to rebuild the Decayed Democratic Party from the ground up state by state is really the only way we can beat the GOP. Most American's prefer the "values" of the Democratic Party Platform but there's been such a relentless 30-year campaign to relabel (or should I say libel) liberals that few "moderate" folks will admit they're Dems.

    What burns me up more than radical right attacks against Dean is when fellow Democrats attack him. It's inexcusable and embarassing to allow these DINOs to pubically attack Dem leadership, and you can bet the GOPers love it. I'd like to see faux Dems like Zell Miller and a couple others removed from the party. It's just a sham to allow them to stay, it isn't an pretense of being a big tent party, it's self-sabotage.

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