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  •  libertarian AND communitarian (none)
    i consider myself both libertarian and communitarian (although there doesn't seem to be a real consensus on how the latter term is defined, i've observed).

    that is, i believe in strong communities that are bound together by their values and social norms.  that's a vastly superior way to keep things running than trying to legislate morality.  but i believe anything above the community level should be libertarian to the greatest extent practical.

    because "socially conservative" and "traditional values" are themselves completely relative terms.  they depend entirely on the society and traditions in question.  a traditional/socially-conservative community of southern baptists will do things differently than a conservative mormon community, or an amish community, or a muslim community.  so why can't communities that are still defining their values such as the castro or houston's montrose be free to do things their way?  and if people want to live in communities with profoundly cosmopolitan values such as new york city, what's wrong with that?

    that's how i reconcile freedom and community.

    we'd better decide now if we are going to be fearless men or scared boys.
    — e.d. nixon, montgomery improvement association

    by zeke L on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 12:26:15 PM PDT

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