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    I see that people have been rating you down, down, down. I put a little balance on that, not because I agree with your conclusions but because we need to hear what people on your side of these issues say.

    As long as they are polite, which you were, and don't call us names, which you didn't.

    As for your conclusion that "Mr Dean is nothing but a boon to Republicans," this remains to be seen. But I suspect that the Republicans may find him more nettlesome than they think, because he is bringing some needed truth to the political sphere. He only sounds to you like he's off his rocker because you've become so used to the neoconservative frames that what he says must seem quite loony.

    One of the strengths of the progressive movement is that it doesn't believe that there's just one right answer. What seemed right yesterday, on further examination, may seem wrong today, or simply inappropriate.

    Take the "tax and spend" frame that neocons have been using for some time. Does this stand up to scrutiny? No. Every budget-busting bunch in D.C. has been Republican and the only ones who have returned us to balanced budgets, by and large, have been Democrats.

    Take the whole concept of "tax relief". The reason it's hard for you to pay your taxes is because you don't earn enough, not because taxes are too high. Frankly, there are many, many unmet needs. Taxes rightly should be higher, especially for those who have benefited disproportionately from the infrastructure of our country and the protection that our stable and well-defended society provides, including our command of the seas (which is what really allowed many corporations to become multinational).

    The neocons, using the Republican Party as a front organization, have loaded your life with disinformation and slanted the playing field to a degree that you can't understand living within it. This isn't going to last. People like Dean are going to change how voters think about the issues.

    As for Kerry, people have been duped by this same kind of slanted language into believing that we need a "war on terror", even though the concept of maintaining a war on terror makes as much sense as maintaining a war on depression. It's a metaphor with delusions of reality. Now that people are getting a good look at what Bush actually means by a "war on terror", they are bolting in big numbers. They will continue to do that because the Bush Administration is self-destructing.

    The neocons will no doubt adapt to the new threats from Dean and other progressives, but it isn't a simple matter of the public rejecting Dean's message. If Dean frames it right, it will become the new polit-speak. Right or wrong, it will be what the public uses to evaluate all political discourse.

    Liberal Thinking

    Think, liberally.

    by Liberal Thinking on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 05:01:47 PM PDT

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