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View Diary: UPDATE x2: MI-GOV: Rick Snyder's "I Feel Your Pain" moment goes very, very wrong (134 comments)

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  •  Wow (2+ / 0-)
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    Maggiemad, CatKinNY

    Guess everyone should just suck it up and things will be fine, right?  Surely you just didn't read what you wrote before posting?  The point is that it is a big deal.  We can't make it not rain, but having the "engineered embankment" properly maintained along with the rest of the whole system might have help.  

    •  Michigan X~Press Ways were STATE of the ART. (3+ / 0-)
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      Evan Stevens, snwflk, CatKinNY

      The expressways that were built in Detroit in 6Os were amazingly well engineered and copied by many cities. If these arteries were maintained they would have drained that water keeping the level at 4-6 inches that's under the car depth. But they have been abandoned 3-4 times for many years.

      The maintenance has fallen so far behind that this abandonment is as close as the expressway have come possible dysfunction. Remembering Detroit almost did nothing for extensive public transportation in the later years of the last century.

      If those freeways were what they should be, that's the question what do they need? and it's flying monkey guess about $900 million.

      These roads expressways could turn downtown into an island, it's heartbreaking. Detroit won WWII, it's an amazing historic music city, not just Motown but many others , it Hockeytown USA, etc
      The Republicans systemically ripped Detroit apart, moving the Auto industry to subsidized labor hostile South. Reagan had a thing about the Great Lakes Cities , you just have to go back to 1978 and watch what happens by 1988. Then go to 2000 and it gets choked again. It was the unions they kept getting families a living wage and the GOP won't stand for workers having a voice....we all know it.
      It will be back , it always has and always will.

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