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View Diary: The U.S. militarization of police displayed in Ferguson has been going on across America for decades (178 comments)

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  •  Further interests served (21+ / 0-)

    by police militarization might include:

    --Weapons manufacturers: the Pentagon presumably can more easily justify replacing equipment when older equipment is routinely offloaded, supposedly in a good cause. Also, the donated equipment will still need maintenance, refills and spare parts. Also, police departments that get used to having military-type equipment are more likely to purchase military-type equipment and accessories on their own in the future.

    --Privatized military-type trainers, such as Blackwater/Xe, and military retirees who act as trainers or consultants.

    --Oil and gas industry: comparatively huge amounts of these fossil fuels surely must be burned by military-styled activities, to some extent in actual policing and perhaps even more profitably, in training and rehearsals with aircraft, tanks, Humvees, etc. One example that many of us are experiencing even in low-crime areas: increasing reliance on helicopters, at the expense of or in addition to patrol cars, to seek suspects (with what incidence of success?), and as well for routine patrols/surveillance.

    The profits to the oil and gas industry from war and warlike policing, thanks to increased demand and therefore higher prices, are something I would be very glad to see some economist(s) investigate.  

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